Welcome to the Slavic Community Center - an organization that cares about the
Slavic community's growth and development. Our center is designed to help
Russian-speaking community members to become healthy, socially integrated,
and knowledgeable about issues that affect them, their community and the
community at large. All staff members speak both Russian and English, have
broad community involvement, and are warm, caring people who want to make
a difference in their community
Mission Statement

To bring the Twin Cities’ Russian-speaking community together, providing opportunities to
improve health, self-esteem, and social interaction according to Slavic cultural traditions.
                                   Vision Statement

Slavic Community Center strives to unite the Russian-speaking community, to carry on
our Slavic traditions and cultural teachings, while building a strong voice for our
community, and ensuring that our families are healthy, participating in activities that
support their wellness and social connectedness, and engaged in dialogue and life-long
learning.  To this end, the Slavic community will be well represented in social justice and
civic affairs, public policy-making, commercial and nonprofit businesses, media and
educational systems.  This will be accomplished in part by:

•        Responding to individual needs to improve independence;

•        Providing stimulating educational and cultural opportunities;

•        Promoting social interaction and community building amongst Slavs, with other
immigrant groups and with mainstream society; and

•        Equipping newly-arrived Slavic people with the information and skills needed to
accommodate mainstream culture and systems into their lives
Slavic Community Center
Honoring Our Roots
Growing Our Future